The Jewel Teller company adopted a rigorous policy of work ethics and sustainable manufacturing procedures and is committed to take business actions that promote and encourage fair trade practices of gold mining and diamond trading. To achieve this goal we constantly seek partners and suppliers who reflect our values and who can help us achieve our dream of certified fair trade jewellery.

To honour these values, we hereby declare that our diamonds, gem stones or precious metals are sourced out from legitimate and certified suppliers not involved in funding conflicts and from areas in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the United Nations. 

Additionally, we assure all concerned that the diamonds or precious stones used in our collections are natural and have not been treated in any ways unless stated.

Our production is fully compliant with the principles of environmental sustainability applying the most modern procedures of gold recovery and strictly treating manufacturing wastes for the protection of the environment in compliance with the standards set by the UAE Official Environment Regulations.

At The Jewel Teller we believe that a positive and inspirational environment  with strict safety conditions is essential for the team performance, in order to achieve it, we had established a set of high standard rules, regulations and trainings in  an effort to provide a safe and healthy workplace.


The Jewel Teller - 2016